Thursday, February 4, 2010

i came across this on a blog...

“as i step into more of who i am and the possibilities of my life, i want to walk side by side with courage. i want to bravely acknowledge my own power, my unique capacity for leadership, for tenderness - and i want to do it without shying away, without reservation. we are so much stronger than we realize, you and me. i want to create my own story and let go of that small story i’ve been telling myself all of these years. as my art career continues to take off (flight), i want to stay grounded in what matters, wise in my choices, and bold in my inspiration. more than ever, i’m believing in what is unfolding, in the miracles of everyday living. in deciding upon dreams and then making them real, one small step at a time.

we are all meant for these journeys. of hope. of tenderness. of doing the things we never thought we could do. this is where our bravery lives. it’s where the orbits of who we are and who we want to be collide. it’s where we find ourselves standing strong, ready to claim what is ours.

we only have one life. just one. i want to make mine brave.”

from kelly rae

most of you know I am quite fond of my own words, but love hearing my deepest thoughts verbalized, even if it's by someone else.

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