Monday, February 22, 2010

Every cloud has a silver lining...

I decided to post an email I wrote to one of my most favorite yoga teachers regarding my current injury, (intercostals muscles/ rib). I obviously had more to say than I thought...SHOCKER!

I remember when I had my surgery a year and half ago (holy shit) it’s been that long! But I remember Kathryn, (my other favorite yoga teacher), saying to me the beautiful part of being forced to stop is getting to start fresh. And I've found out that's when you really start to begin to learn your body. I still remember the surgeon telling me that I would not only be in the hospital for five days (which if you knew me in college, I always had to sleep in my own bed, no futon or college dorm room would suffice) but that I would not be able to do yoga for six weeks. And by yoga she meant a Level 1 class, she wasn't referring to fallen angels or handstand lotus. Therefore, it took me a while to build back up to my level, but I found Kathryn was right. Here I was with some of the tools, but getting to begin from the beginning, how lucky is that???

Maybe it's my 30th coming up this year and/ or the experiences that have brought me here, but I have finally started to learn the beauty of stopping. And I don't mean taking a Yogaworks 2/3 Vinyasa Class, but truly appreciating what your body or your mind is saying.

In all honesty, I was trying so hard to find my path with teaching. I thought the more classes I took, the more comfortable I would begin to feel to teach. Which of course there is some truth in that, but my true hurdle is fear. And no amount of vinyasa classes are going to get me over that hurdle.

Gosh, sometimes I feel you are right back to where you started, but like I stated above, those past experiences or hurdles I've overcome along the way make each one seem smaller and easier to get over.

On a side note.:
"Of all people, you know who I am…who the world needs me to be. I’m Wonder Woman.”


  1. Proud of you Laurie! It's a greater lessen to fall down and get back up than to always be on your toes. Love you, mama! xoxo Gunner

  2. Hey Mama! This is so true. I have learned that much of my yoga is "off the mat." Thank you for the reminder to slow down, because less is more! Lots of love! xoxo