Monday, June 15, 2009

“Our thoughts create our reality -- where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.”

Why do we always look for the perfect way to start something? Have you ever sat down to write something, maybe a card to a loved one, a term paper, or even a business letter, but got so wrapped up on the way to begin you stopped all together? We can place so much emphasis on the ideal opening that we get turned off and put down the project all together. For the last couple of days, I have been trying to write this blog. I did research on the web and there is an enormous amount of information on how to construct the most effective blog. The problem is, I kept focusing on finding the "perfect" title and opening that not only did I come up empty, but I lost focus of the goal, the most significant thing: Writing the actual blog!

I find that this happens with a lot of things in my life. I spend too much energy on the trivial details, therefore losing focus and most of the time completely forgoing the original goal.
But why? Does it come from a place of fear? And as I am writing this, fear seems to be the only viable answer. At times we can get so scared that it’s easier to create completely different situations that distract us instead of trying to stay on track and move forward. And how do these distractions even help with what we were originally focusing on? Well, they don’t and the sad part is, most of the time we don't even realize we are doing it.

So, how do we realize it? How do we wake up and confront our fears head on without creating distractions along the way? Well, here it is, the transition to yoga. Yoga is the best way I know on how to become aware. Written in the book of Yoga Sutras it states: “When doubt is there, there is a carelessness, a sort of lethargic attitude or laziness. And when the mind loses the interest and alertness toward the higher goal, it has to do something else so it will slowly descend to the sensual enjoyments. The point here is that we should not keep changing our object of concentration. When you decide on one thing, stick to it whatever happens. Even if it is a long route, your perseverance will make it short. Our aim is to make the mind steady, so it is immaterial what object we take. Anything can take you to the goal, because you are not concentrating on the object for the sake of the object but for the sake of your goal. Why do we want to have this one-pointed concentration? To make the mind clear so you can transcend it. You are not going to cling to the object but just use it as a ladder to climb up. Once you have reached the roof you leave the ladder behind.”

I guess that’s a pretty damn good start, even though I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Palm Springs, conversations with my friends, and the glasses of wine I drank to distract me from writing this blog.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birthday Blog

I know this Blog is supposed to be about my yoga certification, but not only do I have a lot to say, my Birthday was Wednesday and therefore a post was in order!
If anyone has ever taken yoga regularly at the same studio, you know there is something amazing about the yoga community. Even though you can practice in a room with 60 people sometimes, you get in your own zone. You are there for the breathing, for the release of not only the toxins from your body, but the bad energy that doesn't serve you well. After each class you feel alive, open, ready to take on anything. Naturally, with all those toxins released and endorphins flooding your body, you build friendships and bonds with people. You may only see them at your studio, but they are genuine, authentic friendships with no agenda. What I'm trying to say is that while upside down in our one minute handstand holds, the whole class sang, "Happy Birthday" to me. It was honestly one of the highlights of my day. I then went home to find a heartfelt Birthday card from my boyfriend, (which if anyone knows me, they know how much a card means to me). I was on a high. Groundworks gave me a free Birthday was good. I went to cell phone died and had to visit 3 different Verizon Stores, but a couple hours later came out victorious with a new cell phone...I know what you are thinking, "How did I check my facebook birthday wishes while my cell phone was dead?" I didn't, it was definitely a low point of my day. I then spent the evening with my best friend and went to my favorite restaurant, Jiraffe with my loving boyfriend. Ended the night with ice cream and red wine. I couldn't imagine a better Birthday.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yoga Journey Journal

I remember growing up dreaming about my future as an adult, which I’m sure most of you did as well. Remember how glamorous it seemed? Staying up all night, being able to eat McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, going wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted. There was nothing or no one that could stop you, after all you would be an adult. According to the definition of an adult is: fully developed and mature: grown-up. Well, I can tell you, I became “fully developed” at the age of 13, but I don’t think that’s what they are talking about. So what exactly are they talking about, because as I sit here 2 days shy of my 29th Birthday, I can tell you I feel far from fully developed and/or mature. I feel more confused now at 29 years old then I did at the age of 10. And unfortunately, I have learned that as an “adult”, I don’t want to stay up all night, b/c I have to work in the morning, I don’t want to eat McDonalds b/c it makes me feel like shit, and I can only go where I want after 6pm Mon-Fri. and on the weekends. But where is it that I even want to go? I have spent the last 7 years as an adult wondering where that was. I wondered from Orlando to Atlanta, to Ft. Lauderdale, out to Hollywood, and finally residing in Santa Monica, CA. Well, I can tell you one thing, I finally figured out where I want to live. I guess that’s something to be happy about. Maybe I’m thinking too much and not living enough. Why if we can live to be 100 years old do we need to know at 23 what we want to do professionally for the next 40 years? And why do we feel if we don’t know then something is wrong with us? And why do I feel like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City right now?

As my 29th Birthday is fast approaching I decided to make some changes. For the first time in my life, I wanted to make goals for myself. I mean real long term goals. I decided that I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I just rolled my own eyes while typing that. But nonetheless, I am on my way. This Friday I will begin the YogaWorks 200 Hour Teacher Training. This blog is to document the highs and the lows of my journey. Have I finally found my calling? Will this be everything I dreamed it to be and more? Who knows? But what I do know is that I finally feel a little closer to becoming an adult.